October 06, 2022

TorinoFilmLab goes to MIA - International Audiovisual Market in Rome

For the second year in a row, we are ready to hop on a train headed to Rome to play an actual part in the schedule of the 8th edition of MIA, one of the main events targeting film industry professionals in Europe, whose press conference was held this morning. The market – occurring this year between the 11th and 15th of October – will host two significant moments focused on TFL’s activities both taking place one week from today.

After the successful pilot edition of 2021, the current round of SeriesLab
 – the TFL programme involving European creative teams working on a TV series project at an early stage of development and with strong international potential – will be completed with a pitching session featuring the 22 participants on stage and the audiovisual experts in the audience. The teams, presenting the 9 projects they worked on over the course of 5 months, will be introduced by their French pitching trainer Agathe Berman.

The event will begin on Thursday 13th October at 9.30 in the Sala Drama (Cinema Barberini). If you want to have an overview of the projects make sure to read the brand-new SeriesLab – Book of Projects of 2022.

Following the pitching session, we will be involved in a special panel focused on sustainability in the film sector at 12.30 pm. Our Programmes Coordinator Angelica Cantisani will highlight Green Film Lab – a TFL programme aiming at a greener production realised together with Trentino Film Commission, their project Green Film, in collaboration with EAVE – in the frame of this open encounter that wishes to guide the participants in discovering the possibilities connected to sustainable production, through recent case studies. On stage also Luca Ferrario (Green Film), Serena Alfieri (VivoFilm) and Julia Tordai (Greeneyes Productions), moderated by Alina Trabattoni (Screendaily).

Since these practices are finally becoming a global priority, do not miss the chance to get some hands-on insights!

If you want to book an appointment contact Francesco Giai ViaAngelica CantisaniLetizia Caspani or Alice Presbitero.

Make sure to reach out to us and see you in Rome! 

In the picture: the SeriesLab class of 2022

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