September 20, 2022

Green Film Lab: new destinations and the Sitges selection

Today's bringing a remarkable piece of news - especially for the strong sustainability supporters such us ourselves.

Green Film Lab, the initiative that TFL launched at the beginning of the year together with Trentino Film Commission, their project Green Film and in collaboration with EAVE, will keep its venture even in 2023. New intense workshops, new destinations across Europe and one goal: making the audiovisual production more and more green.

We are excited to give you a little preview of one of next year’s destinations: green Ireland.
TorinoFilmLab - and Green Film Lab specifically - is among the 30 organisations awarded with the Screen Stakeholders Funding Scheme (worth over €700,000) offered by Fís Éireann/Screen Ireland to selected projects and initiatives that address priority areas for the Irish screen sector (including sustainability and green production).

The call for applications will be available on our website between 28th November 2022 and 20th January 2023 and, as usual, it will target creative teams working on a project, production professionals and sustainability managers that will reach Dublin in March for a full immersion on the topic with great experts in the area. Read the dedicated page for all the details.

If you wish to experience GFL earlier, don’t miss the GFL - Reykjavi´k call currently accepting applications. The workshop will be hosted in the capital of Iceland between 7th and 9th December 2022, thanks to the collaboration of the Icelandic Film Centre, Film in Iceland, Inspired by Iceland and Business Iceland. Since we also try to limit the long trips, we especially welcome applications from professionals who live in Iceland and Nordic countries, professionals who got support from the Icelandic Film Centre and/or who will shoot in Iceland. The deadline to apply is 7th October!

Lastly, a Green Film Lab workshop is about to begin. The participants will be in Sitges (Spain) in the middle of October to start their journey thanks to the Government of Catalonia, Catalan Institute for Cultural Companies, Catalunya Film Commission and Servei de Desenvolupament Empresarial.

Find their names down below: 
Amanda de Luis (Spain)
Jordina Casals Perpiñá (Spain)
Agustina Chiarino (Uruguay)
Soledad Chiarino (Uruguay)
Marc Clotet (Spain)
Barbara Di Micco (Italy)
Mireia Graell Vivancos (Spain)
Allende Grandmontagne (Spain)
Héléne Granqvist (Sweden)
Roger Jimenez i Freixas (Spain)
Izaskun Liagostera (Spain)
Salvo Manzone (Italy)
Oriol Maymo (Spain)
María José Merino Leiva (Spain)
Bruno Pena Calvo (Spain)
Valeria Richter (Denmark)
Belén Sánchez (Spain)
Nerea Sciarra (Spain)
Laura Serra Solé (Spain)
Ralitsa Shentova (Bulgaria)
Zsofia Szemeredy (Hungary)
Ana Stanic (Slovenia)
Eva Vila Purtí (Spain).

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