November 26, 2022

TFL MEETING EVENT 2022: the awarded prizes

As they say, you don’t turn 15 every year. That’s why this whole week of preparatory workshops and the actual TFL Meeting Event was more than special for us. We wrapped it up tonight with a magical Awards Ceremony and while we already look forward to seeing you again back in Turin, we think it’s time to present you the awarded projects of 2022!

TFL MEETING EVENT 2022: the awarded prizes

The Production Awards

The international Jury of this 15th edition met all the teams during the week and decided to give 4 Production Awards - for a total of € 160,000 - to the following FeatureLab projects:

Writer & Director: Inbar Horesh
Producer: Alona Refua
Mourning her father?s death, Nieszka joins a tour to Israel that turns out to be a a sex-filled Zionist propaganda trip.

Writer & Director: Prantik Basu
Producer: Tanaji Dasgupta
A chance encounter in pouring rain leads two unlikely men to find love.

Writer & Director: Konstantinos Antonopoulos
Co-writer: Luigi Campi
Producer: Fani Skartouli
A dethroned emperor and a humble beekeeper try to escape the desert island they have shipwrecked on.

Writer & Director: Sara Fgaier
Producer: Marco Alessi
The deceptions of memory push a sixty-year-old man to a fierce battle with himself.

The collateral prizes

Numerous awards have been assigned on stage - backing the further development, production or post-production of some FeatureLab and ScriptLab projects – thanks to long-standing and new collaborations with TFL partners.

The Eurimages Co-production Development Award - a cash-prize of € 20,000 - encourages international co-production from the initial stages of a project and it was attributed by the juror to one of the ScriptLab projects:

Writer & Director: Irene Moray
In a world where women are vanishing, Flora will do anything to save her friend.

On the initiative of the Eurimages Board of Management, a Eurimages Special Co-production Development Award of the same amount (€20,000) went to the ScriptLab project entitled:

Writer & Director: Masha Kondakova
A female sniper returns from the frontline to her home, but has to fight a different battle.

Also, the CNC Award - a grant of € 8,000 offered by CNC - Centre national du cine´ma et de l'image anime´e -granted by the dedicated jury, went to a ScriptLab title:

Writer & Director: Jarell Serencio
A spider-obsessed boy is forced to face manhood after a tragedy strikes his remote mining town.

A 2022 addition, the ARRI Award - a grant of € 10,000 provided by ARRI, leading designer and manufacturer of camera and lighting systems, to support the implementation of a visual concept – has been assigned to the FeatureLab project:

Writer & Director: Marta Hernaiz Pidal
Producer: Rosa Galguera Ortega
By cleaning the toilets of the hottest Mexican club Estela witnesses the arrogance of the very rich.

Another new prize is the EWA Network Female Voices Award brought by EWA Network, which supports female audiovisual professionals and consists of € 1,000 grant and a free membership to join the network, has been allocated to Doruntina Basha writer of the ScriptLab project BLEACH.

Furthermore, thanks to the Sub-ti Award (offered by Sub-Ti Ltd. - London), will provide one of the FeatureLab projects with English,?Italian or German subtitles (value up to € 2,000); this year it went to AL FONDO A LA DERECHA.

While the Sub-ti Access Award - which promotes accessible content of the film for audiences with sensory disabilities – goes to a FeatureLab project that will receive subtitles and audio description (value up to € 5,000); the title benefitting from the award is:

Writer & Director: M.G. Evangelista
Producer: Karishma Dev Dube
Fran, a daughter-turned-son, returns home to face familial loss and familiar love.

The green awards

The TFL WHITE MIRROR - € 3,000 development award created to support stories that tackle environmental issues, sustainability or any related changes happening in today’s world – has been assigned to the ScriptLab project.

Writer & Director: Flurin Giger
1816 – A young peasant girl and her family face a year without summer.

The GREEN FILMING AWARD – a joined venture between TFL and Trentino Film Commission consisting of a contribution of 2,000 € for the expenses connected to the implementation of the Green Film rating system and 2,000 € to cover the cost of a Green Manager – this year went to 4 FeatureLab projects:

Writer & Director: Kerstin Neuwirth
Producer: Sophie Ahrens
In a village battered by the forces of nature, Alba and her mother struggle to find shelter.

Moreover, the Post-Production Award offered and assigned by TFL's partners APostLab in collaboration with Filmmore and Posta, to former ScriptLab and FeatureLab projects currently at an advanced stage of development or financing went to Elena Stanisheva producer of THE SWEET BITTERNESS OF RIPE POMEGRANATES (ScriptLab 2019).

Lastly, the TFL Meeting Event was also the occasion to officially award the TFL Co-Production Fund 2022 - € 50.000 thanks to the support of Creative Europe - MEDIA Programme of the European Union - VIET AND NAM by Minh Quý Truong. 

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