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3000 Nights

A young Palestinian woman discovers that she is pregnant just as a group of her fellow inmates launch a revolt against the prison administration.

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Main info

Title: 3000 Nights
Year: 2015
Directed by: Mai Masri
Premiere & awards: Toronto International Film Festival 2015, Contemporary World Cinema
Produced by: Nour Productions - Lebanon Les Films d'Ici - France Orjouane Productions - Lebanon
In co-production with: Royal Film Commission - Jordan, Munib Masri Development Foundation - Palestine, Enjaaz - Dubai, Film Market Initiative - United Arab Emirates
Countries: Palestine, France, Jordan, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Qatar


Layal, a young newlywed Palestinian schoolteacher is arrested after being falsely accused and sentenced to 8 years of prison. She is transferred to a high security Israeli women's prison where she encounters a terrifying world in which Palestinian political prisoners are incarcerated with Israeli criminal inmates. When she discovers she is pregnant, the prison director pressures her to abort the baby and spy on the Palestinian inmates. However, resilient and still in chains, she gives birth to a baby boy. Through her struggle to raise her son behind bars, and her relationship with the other prisoners, she manages to find a sense of hope and a meaning to her life. Prison conditions deteriorate and the Palestinian prisoners decide to strike. The prison director warns her against joining the rebellion and threatens to take her son away. In a moment of truth, Layal is forced to make a choice that will forever change her life.

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Title: 3000 Nights

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