SeriesLab Story Editing

SeriesLab Story Editing

Programme aimed at TV and film professionals from all over the world interested in being trained as story editors working on fiction TV series and in gaining an insight into the fiction TV series development process.


SeriesLab Story Editing is a hands-on training for film professionals who want to work with writers, writer-directors and their producers in the development stage of their fiction TV series projects. The aim of the programme is to provide an insight into the development process of a fiction TV series – focusing on the early concept development stage.

The 3 selected participants will work under the guidance of a story editing tutor with a wide international experience as story consultant on TV series projects.

Besides the theoretical training, each participant joins a specific group, which involves 3 projects, selected from the SeriesLab programme, and is guided by a tutor - who alongside with the story editing tutor will guide the story editor trainees and give feedback on the specific work made with each project.


The selected TV series projects, which begin the programme in an early concept stage, are developed through the enriching experience of sharing this creative stage of the process with the other creators in the group. To complement the peer-to-peer conversations, there are 1:1 sessions with the tutor and story editor trainee as the project advances.

The story editor trainees will learn about the process of early-stage series development, acquire skills in the fields of concept and script analysis, assessment of project development and script consulting. More concretely, they will gain insight and training in working with writers, from an idea up to an elaborated and detailed sales concept document and a first draft of a pilot script; helping them find the identity, the serial engine and the tone of their series and encouraging the writing of a pilot script loyal to the intention of the creators.

In addition, professionals active in the fields of development & production will meet with the participants along the programme to give them broader advice on their careers.

Both SeriesLab and SeriesLab Story Editing conclude and complete the training with a final presentation at an industry event, during which they have the opportunity to network with an audience of international writers, producers, broadcasters and other film industry professionals, and are granted visibility thanks to the TFL Catalogue.

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