TFL Next

TFL Next

A digital global experience that can be experienced everywhere, shared with international experts and peers, travelling across live barriers.


TFL Next consists of carefully crafted workshops to help filmmakers move forward with their projects

This is a unique opportunity to enhance, share and test ideas with peers and high-level tutors from all over the world.

Thanks to TFL Next's global experience, the participants will have the chance to develop a strong international network: on top of the script sessions and meeting with industry representatives, participants will gather during special online events aimed at exchanging skills and finding productive collaborations.


The workshop is treatment-based, which means that participants exclusively work on the treatment of their feature film projects.

The workshop is divided into 2 development sessions:

- a first 5 day-long session, where participants discuss their work in group sessions and one-on-one meetings with their tutors
- then, participants have 3 weeks to rework their materials
- a second 2 day-long session, where participants share and discuss their work again in individual meetings with their mentors and group sessions with other participants

feature film projects at an early development stage presented by international scriptwriters or writers/directors together with a producer (if on board) will be selected and divided into 5 groups.

The participants will work on their treatments alongside peers and a tutor with substantial international experience as a script consultant, implementing the fundamental techniques and skills necessary to develop and produce successful feature films.

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