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In a Parisian suburb, two receptionists drift from one enigmatic situation to the next going to the pool, visiting a maze-like sex club and hunting for new employment.

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Title: Mercuriales
Year: 2014
Directed by: Virgil Vernier
Premiere & awards: Cannes International Film Festival 2014, ACID
Produced by: Kazak Productions - France
In co-production with: Arte France Cinema - France
Country: France


Bagnolet, on the outskirts of Paris. Two impressive building stand out against the sky: Les Mercuriales, twin towers constructed amid the streets, suffocated flowerbeds and low rent housing. In this metropolitan non-place, the stories of three tweny-year-olds interweave: a colored guard on her first night on the job, and two hostesses, one French, the other Moldavian, who become friends.

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Title: Mercuriales

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