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All Cats Are Grey

A teenager tries to find her roots and establish an identity.

Script&Pitch 2005
Main info

Title: All Cats Are Grey
Year: 2014
Directed by: Savina Dellicour
Premiere & awards: Montreal World Film Festival 2014, Focus on World
Produced by: Tarantula - Belgium
Country: Belgium


Paul is 43, he is a private detective, and a single man. Dorothy is almost 16 and is having an identity crisis. He lives on the edge of society whilst she lives right in the thick of it. The only thing uniting them is the fact that Paul knows he is Dorothy's biological father. For years, he lived with the secret, watching Dorothy grow from a distance, without ever daring to approach her. They would never have spoken if Dorothy had not decided to come and ring on his door one day. She had heard about his detective work and now wants to use him to help her find her biological father.

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Title: All Cats Are Grey

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