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I'm Going to Change My Name

A neglected teenager struggles with her blossoming sexuality and suicidal thoughts while searching for the father she has never known.

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Title: I'm Going to Change My Name
Year: 2012
Directed by: Maria Saakyan
Premiere & awards: Torino Film Festival 2011, TFL Section
Produced by: Anniko Film - Russia
In co-production with: Paradise Group - Russia, Oscar Film - Denmark, Flying Moon - Germany
Countries: Armenia, Russia, Germany, Denmark


Evridika (14) lives together with her mother Sona (36) in small armenian town Alaverdi. Sona is conductor of a world famous choir consisting of 15 men. She is always out of home so Evridika feels neglected and lonely in her own small virtual world. Each day she goes deeper inside herself looking for answers to the questions posed by her blossoming sexuality. What is Love and Lust? Life and Death? Who is her father? All these questions had never been answered and Evridika sees no reasons to live until once she meets Petr (37) an ex-lover of her mother Sona who had a romantic relationship with her years ago. This becomes the key point to the tranformation of Evridika's perseption of the world.

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Title: I'm Going to Change My Name

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