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All Captain Ikonen has is his work. But under deadline pressure he makes a decision that costs a man’s life and threatens his career.

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Title: Deadweight
Year: 2016
Directed by: Axel Koenzen
Premiere & awards: Berlinale 2016, Forum
Produced by: Rohfilm - Germany
In co-production with: Bufo - Finland
Countries: Germany, Finland


Ahti Ikonen is a reliable captain at the height of his career. He is in command of the 35,000-ton container vessel Brugge, which enters the port of Savannah (United States) behind schedule. The loading of the ship commences in haste as the crew, led by the ambitious Romanian officer Katia, works by the piece so that they can sail in time. The Filipino seaman James has an accident during this semi-legal lashing procedure. Ahti has to face the consequences of his orders. In the port of Rotterdam (Netherlands) unionized dockworkers exploit the incident and refuse to unload the ship. Standstill. The captain is caught between the frontlines. Ahti is keen to elucidate the accident, but the situation becomes more and more contradictory…

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Title: Deadweight

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