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They May Still Be Alive Today

I hate being alone more than I love you.

Main info

Title: They May Still Be Alive Today
Year: 2020
Directed by: Tudor Cristian Jurgiu
Premiere & awards: Transilvania International Film Festival 2020, Romanian Days
Produced by: Libra Film – Romania
In co-production with: Graal – Greece
Countries: Romania, Greece


Tired of waiting for love to happen to her, Clara decides to make it happen. She chooses Vlad for her love project. But she wants The One; he wants anyone. She wants a prince (as mass culture taught her to want), and he is only a man. On their first date, they plan their perfect love like a project. But he hates being alone more than he loves her and this will not do! They go on with their absurd perfect love project ignoring that the country around them is slowly falling apart. In the end, they go to the countryside and become fantastic characters from a Romanian fairytale. Fantasy takes over and they will emerge from it more mature. Acting out ends here.

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