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Prime Time

New Year’s Eve 1999. On the cusp of the Millennium, a young man holds a pair of TV station employees hostage until he can broadcasts his message from their studio. Stay tuned.

Main info

Title: Prime Time
Year: 2021
Directed by: Jakub Piątek
Premiere & awards: Sundance Film Festival 2021, World Cinema Dramatic Competition
Produced by: Watchout Studio – Poland
In co-production with: TVN – Poland, Krakow Festival Office – Poland, Polish Film Institute – Poland,
Country: Poland


Before YouTube or TikTok, there was broadcast television. PRIME TIME takes us back in time to the last day of 1999, where 20-year-old Sebastian, armed with a gun, hijacks a TV studio and takes two hostages – a famous TV presenter and a security guard. His plan? No one seems to know, including Sebastian himself. His demand to deliver his message, whatever that may be, via live broadcast is repeatedly thwarted by an uncertain police force and an egotistical network chairman. As the night wears on, Sebastian and the hostages bond in unexpected ways, while those in power fumble to restore order. Sebastian is neither the villain nor the hero but one more person swept up in the power of spectacle and the fantasy of revolt.

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