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37 years after her daughter’s execution in Iran, Haleh discovers the woman who betrayed her.

ScriptLab Story Editing 2017
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Title: Mitra
Year: 2021
Directed by: Kaweh Modiri
Premiere & awards: International Film Festival Rotterdam 2021, Limelight
Produced by: BALDR Film – Netherlands
In co-production with: In Good Company – Germany, Snowglobe – Denmark
Countries: Netherlands, Germany, Denmark


37 years after her daughter Mitra was killed, Haleh leads a successful life as a renowned academic in the Netherlands. Her peaceful existence is shaken by the arrival of a woman she believes may be the traitor responsible for Mitra's death. But the woman, herself now a loving mother newly arrived in the Netherlands, does not seem to recognize Haleh and takes comfort in her company. As Haleh finds herself growing closer to the woman and her daughter, she is torn between her feelings of grief and vengeance.

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Title: Mitra

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