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An injured Nigerian footballer living in Vietnam, and four women escape the disappointments of their daily lives and create a magical world for themselves.

FeatureLab 2017
Main info

Title: Taste
Year: 2021
Directed by: Lê Bảo
Premiere & awards: Berlinale 2021, Encounters, Opening Film
Produced by: Cinema 22 – Thailand E&W Films –Singapore Le Bien Pictures – Vietnam
In co-production with: Deuxième Ligne Films – France, Petit Film – France, Senator Film Produktion – Germany, Effortless Work Co. Ltd – Taiwan
Countries: Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, France, Germany


Bassley, a Nigerian footballer in Vietnam, is unable to make a living since he broke his leg. He and four middle-aged women he sometimes works for decide to escape the disappointment of their daily lives. They go to an old house where together they create a special world for themselves. But this intimate utopia cannot last forever...

TFL Project:

Title: Taste

TFL Awards: TFL Co-Production Award (€ 50,000) thanks to the support of Creative Europe - MEDIA Programme of the European Union

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