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Reyhan, a 40-year-old woman who has lost her sense of smell, one day decides to change her life into something new… She vanishes without notice only to find her true self again.

ScriptLab 2019
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Title: Suddenly
Directed by: MELİSA ÖNEL
Premiere & awards: Tokyo Film Festival 35th edition 2022, Asian Future
Produced by: Vigo Film(Turkey),Aniden Film(Turkey)
In co-production with: Zischlermann FilmProduktion (Germany), Digitalkraft (Serbia)
Countries: Türkiye, Germany, Serbia


After decades of living in Hamburg, Reyhan returns to İstanbul with her husband for a short while. On the eve of setting back, she realizes that she has lost her sense of smell. When a doctor’s appointment leaves her anxious about the possibility of a serious illness, instead of undergoing more tests she decides to follow her own instincts to regain her sense of smell… to be able to establish new bonds with life, Reyhan decides to leave it all behind. She vanishes…secretly moves into her late grandmother’s flat, gets a random job at a hotel, and meets a blind man. Just as assuming a new life seems possible, she realizes that she has became a missing person. She considers; is this her chance for freedom?

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Title: Suddenly

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