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Title: Viet and Nam
Year: 2024
Directed by: Truong Minh Quý
Premiere & awards: Cannes International Film Festival 2024, Un Certain Regard
Produced by: EPICMEDIA PRODUCTIONS, INC. (Philippines)
In co-production with: AN ORIGINAL PICTURE (Netherlands), E&W FILMS (Singapore), SCARLET VISIONS GMBH (Germany), DEUXIEME LIGNE FILMS (France), VOLOS FILMS ITALIA (Italy)
Countries: Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore, France, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, United States


In the depths of the underground coal mines, where danger awaits and darkness prevails, Nam and Viêt, both young miners, cherish fleeting moments, knowing that one of them will soon leave for a new life across the sea. But the departure cannot happen as lying somewhere deep within the earth, in the far-off forest is Nam’s father, a soldier, whose remains they’re compelled to find. Together, following the mysteries of memories and dreams, they retrace the path to the past.

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