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Red Sea Lodge 2023

Call for applications closed!

The Red Sea Lodge nurtures the next generation of filmmakers from Saudi, Arab world and from 2023 edition also from Africa, in partnership with TorinoFilmLab. This intensive creative and professional training program turns ambitious emerging filmmakers into the next big thing.


TARGET PARTICIPANTS: Open to teams of Saudi, Arab and – from 2023 edition - African directors and producers (with writers if on board), working on a feature film project at any stage of development.

DURATION: The intensive 10-month program will include six workshops - the first one exclusively addressed to selected Saudi teams, and the other five to all the selected projects.

Following development and meetings with industry professionals, winners will share a pot of $ 200.000,00 in award prizes, based on merit. The awards – a grant and a premiere at the next Red Sea International Film Festival in December 2023.

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: Saturday, 21st January 2023, 11:59 pm KSA time

To have more information and to know all the Terms & Conditions to apply, please visit the Red Sea Lodge official website. For further information:


The Red Sea Lodge, in collaboration with TorinoFilmLab, selects projects for creative and professional mentorship, development, and next-level industry opportunities.

In 2023, the Lodge expands across ten months and five workshops (plus 1 only in February, designed for Saudi projects) to give you a broad overview and strong grounding to explore your project's full dramatic and production potential. You’ll be mentored by a Head of Script Development and Head of Production, with guidance from specialists across the industry.

Alongside ongoing script development sessions, the program features a producer's coaching program and covers professional development, production, financing, sales and marketing. During the workshop participants also have the opportunity to work with internationally experienced experts from the fields of directing, cinematography, editing sound, and post-production, sales.


PRELUDE: 10th - 14th February 2023 (5 days in person in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia); 
For Saudi projects only. Introduction to the key aspects of projects development. A wider number of projects will be selected for review, which will then result in narrowing the number into 5 projects only.

WORKSHOP ONE | Project Development & Production – An introduction to the program, the tutors and all the selected project teams (Saudi, Arab, African). Exploring dramatic potential of the projects; an overview of the role and business of the producer.
When? 14th March to 20th March
Where? Saudi Arabia (city to be confirmed)

Following the completion of this workshop participants will be given assignments to continue developing their projects for a deadline in advance of the next workshop.

WORKSHOP TWO | Visualization - taking the script from the page to the screen working with film professionals including directors and cinematographers to understand how to visually realize the script.  Production program and script development work continues.
When? 2nd of May to 6th May, accordingly to the Saudi Film Festival Dates (Saudi Film Festival will start on 4th May)
Where? Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Following the workshop participants will continue to work on their treatments/scripts and production documents for a deadline in advance of the next workshop.

WORKSHOP THREE | Production and Post-Production – participants have the opportunity of discussing their projects with editors, sound-designers, and post-production specialists. Production program and script development work continues.
When? 17th July to 21st July
Where? Online

Participants continue to work on the scripts, production documents and materials for the Book of Projects and Red Sea Souk Competition.

WORKSHOP FOUR | Pitching Preparation – participants will start working on their pitches in preparation for the last workshop and the Festival meetings at the Red Sea Souk.
When? 25th September to 29th September
Where? In Turin (Italy)

Following this session participants will have the opportunity to update their script and Project Dossier to submit them for Award consideration.

WORKSHOP FIVE | Festival preparation, getting ready for pitching and meeting industry professionals before launching your project at the Red Sea Souk.
When? 30th November to 9th December (dates TBC depending on the confirmed dates of the Red Sea International Film Festival)
Where? Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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