Yue Zheng



After graduating from Shanghai Film Academy, Yue served as the managing director at Ker Sound Studios, a Shanghai-based French music & sound post-production studio for over 5 years. Following this, he transitioned to become a commercial producer and head of the motion picture department at D'ELE Productions. With extensive experience in films, commercials, TV and web series, many of which are international co-productions, Yue is dedicated to his role as a film producer, collaborating with visionary directors. He produced Jianjie Lin's short film Gu (2017) and was actively involved in End of Summer (2017), a feature film by Zhou Quan, winner of HAF award (HAF, 2015) and KNN audience award (Busan International Film Festival, 2017). In 2018, Yue co-founded First Light Films. Brief History of A Family is their first feature film production.

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