Catalina Donoso



Swedish-Chilean producer and director. Graduated in 2010 from Film and Broadcasting at the Universidad de Chile. Executive Director of the production company Cusicanqui Films in Chile since 2013. Her feature films, released in 2015 The noise of trains by Cristián Saldía, and in 2014 The Waltz by Edison Cájas and Naomi Campbel by N. Videla and C. Donoso have earned awards and have screened at the Mar del Plata FF, CPH: DOX, Amdocs, GIFF, FICCI among many. Important to remark that Catalina Donoso has been involved in the film Bastard - the legacy of a genocide since early development in Chile and Italy 2015. She has recently moved to Malmö Sweden where she will be based from now on. Her personal story has a strong connection with the story in the film. She is the daughter of Chilean parents that fled the dictatorship to Sweden. In her friendship and work with Pepe Rovano and this film, important dialogue has been made between them as a new generation of Chileans, son of a genocidaire, daughter of a tortured man.

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