Helge Albers



Helge Albers, born in 1973, studied film production at the HFF Konrad Wolff. In 1999 he founded, along with Roshanak Behesht Nedjad, Flying Moon Film Production. He was the producer of "Havanna, mi amor" by Uli Gaulke, "Silent Waters" by Sabiha Sumar, "Hallesche Kometen" by Susanne Irina Zacharias and "Waiting for the Clouds" by Yesim Ustaolgu. Together with his partners he has, among other films, produced "La fine del Mare" by Nora Hoppe and "Comrades in Dreams" by Uli Gaulke, and the co-production "Summer Palace" by Lou Ye. He is an EAVE graduate and ACE Producer and a member of the German and the European Film Academy. Flying Moon Film Production has since – due to its strong focus on international co-productions – joined forces with other European partners and formed a new enterprise based in Paris.

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