Mohamed Ali Ben Hamra



Mohamed Ali Ben Hamra is the general manager of POLIMOVIE INTERNATIONAL PICTURES, a production company based in Tunis, founded in 2011. The company plays an active role in supporting emerging talents and the projects we develop have a strong potential for international coproduction. Mohamed Ali Ben Hamra has produced a several feature films, documentaries and short films. He is member of EAVE and the Producer’s Network – Marché du Film. In 2011, he took part in the Berlinale Talents and also the Producer’s Workshop - Marché du Film. In 2012, he has been selected by the Dubai Film Connection to be part of the Cannes SPOTLIGHT ON PRODUCERS FROM THE ARAB WORLD. He produced THALA MY LOVE, first feature film of Mehdi Hmili, developed in the framework of TorinoFilmLab Interchange programme. He is currently post-producing TUNIS BY NIGHT, second feature film directed by Elyes Baccar.

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