Paolo Benzi



His works as a producer include "L'estate di Giacomo" by Alessandro Comodin (Italy/France/Belgium, 2011), "Uomini Soli" by Paolo Santolini (Italy, 2012), "Redemption" by Miguel Gomes (Portugal/France/Germany/Italy, 2013), "La scuola d’estate" by Jacopo Quadri (Italy, 2014) and "The Other Side" by Roberto Minervini (France/Italy, 2015). Paolo Benzi is currently producing "Happy Time Will Come Soon" by Alessandro Comodin (Italy/France), the documentary film "Every Blessed Day" by Paolo Santolini (Italy) and "Sow the Wind" by Danilo Caputo (Italy/France). He is the founding member and the general manager of the Italian independent film company OKTA FILM.

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