Pascal Diot



After studying journalism (Geopolitics) and working for 23 years (1980-2003) as international sales director in the international departments of multimedia groups such as TF1, TELE HACHETTE, UGC, CANAL + and PATHE, I founded and managed ONOMA (2003-2008) a production and sales company with which I co-produced several documentaries and films (THE FORGOTTEN LAND, Camera d’Or in Cannes 2005 among others). Simultanuesly, since 1998 I founded my own Production company, IDPL with which I co-produced feature films “ AME AGARU” (1999), “HAVANA EVA” (2010) and documentaries “ NEW LIFE” (2006) and “BREAK HIT” (2008). I am currently co-producing 4 films “HOUSEKEEPING” (France/Lebanon/Egypt), “TAXI FOR AN ANGEL” (France/Argentina) “THE CRIMSON LABYRINTH” (France/Japan/Australia), “SOUTHEAST LOVE” (France/Singapore) and 2 documentaries “SHIDYAQ” and “LE PAYS OU LES ABEILLES NE MEURENT PAS”. Consultant and expert on international sale & marketing, acquisitions and co-productions working for companies, international producers’ workshops, cinema schools and International festivals and markets.

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