Amir Harel



Lama Films was founded by Amir Harel on 2000 and since it concentrates on projects with political, social and cultural themes. Whether documentaries or fiction, Lama Films' projects address phenomena that reflect the essence of Israeli existence, yet still appeal to diverse audiences around the world. During the years Lama Films' was responsible as sole producer and as co-producer to more than 30 films, among them Jellyfish by Etgar Keret & Shira Geffen (Camera d'Or winner), Hanny Abu-Assad's Paradise Now (Golden Globe winner), Eytan Fox's Walk On Water, Ra'anan Alexandrowicz's James' Journey To Jerusalem, Ran Tal's Children Of The Sun, and many others. The company was also involved in Peter Kosminsky's series The Promise, and Ziad Doueri's The Attack.

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