Hlin Johannesdottir



Hlin has 8 years of experience in film production as a producer, administrator, line producer and coordinator. She has been with Zik Zak Filmworks since 2000 and worked with awarded directors like Dagur Kari ( "Noi Albinoi" , "Voksne Mennesker" ), Fridrik Thor Fridriksson ( "Niceland" ), Solveig Anspach ( "Skrapp ut" ), Runar Runarsson ( "The Last Farm" , " 2 Birds" ), Larry Fessenden ( "The Last Winter" ), Ragnar Bragason ( "Fiasko" ) and others. She holds a University diploma in Practical Media Studies and a BA in Anthropology from the University of Iceland and has 3 years of experience in managing small businesses. Hlin has worked as a freelance writer for magazines (Mannlif, 24/7) and on the online news media ( "Home away from home" is the first feature project Hlin follows through from the earliest creative level as a producer.

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