Olmo Omerzu



Olmo Omerzu was born in 1984 in Ljubljana. During his studies at FAMU in Prague he directed several short films and a 40-minute feature THE SECOND ACT about a couple who goes on a long overdue honeymoon only to discover that it is too late. It was shown and awarded at several European festivals, and distributed in Czech, Slovak and Slovenian cinemas. In 2011, Omerzu graduated from FAMU with his first fiction feature A NIGHT TOO YOUNG, a Czech-Slovenian co-production. Set in a small apartment in an even smaller Czech town, it explores the zone between childhood and adulthood. After the successful premiere in the Forum section of the 2012 Berlinale, the film was invited to numerous international festivals, winning several awards, including the Czech Film Critics’ Award for the Discovery Of The Year. It was theatrically released in Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

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