Juan Pittaluga



Juan was born in Madrid of Uruguayan nationality; he grew up in Spain, Uruguay, Canada, Switzerland and Belgium. He studied Sociology in Montevideo, Rio de Janeiro and Paris (EHESS). "Punta del Este" is his second feature film, currently in development, and it was selected at the Atelier of the Cinefondation 2008, Cannes Film Festival. His first feature film, "Orlando Vargas" (Cannes 2005, International Critic’s Week) , is an homage to his father, a diplomat, who was unseated by the Uruguayan dictatorship in 1973.  In 2006, he directed his first documentary, "Mensonges (Lies)" . Between 2002 and 2004, he was Jonathan Nossiter’s main collaborator on Mondovino (Official Competition, Cannes 2004).  Since 2004, he has worked in the Directing and Acting workshops for the Cinema Department of Court Florent in Paris, France. He is currently directing "Miracolo del Gusto (The Miracle of Taste)" , a documentary about taste and the transmission of culture, in Italy and around the world.  

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