Barbara Tonelli



After her studies and a position at the European Council, Barbara worked as a PR for Minerva Pictures Group / Raro Video. In 2007, she became an associate producer at Art'Mell and in 2008 she co-found and become the content manager of touscoprod, the first crowdfunding platform for independent movie projects ( In 2009 she rejoins Natixis Coficiné (known by its trading name Coficiné) a financial institution created more than 60 years ago which specializes in providing production cash flow loans to film and television productions (TV series & movies, animation series) by way of discounting a variety of financing sources and she become in charge of the Italian market. Understanding and adapting to the requirements of the film and TV production industry has paved the wayto Coficiné’s success: with a current portfolio of loans of over 1.3 M€ we are the undisputed leader in Europe (our core market) with a strong presence in France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain and the Nordic countries. We also have a sizable operation in the USA, Canada and Australia. Coficiné is also present in the music and videogame business. The global presence of Natixis Coficiné on the International market gives them an unparalleled insight on the various markets where we operate, particularly on the various financing sources (private and public) available in the different countries. We can be contacted via our website:

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