Hossam Elouan



Hossam is a film scholar, a screenwriter, documentary researcher, independent film producer, and adjunct faculty at the American University in Cairo (Egypt). He earned an M.A. in Cinema Studies from San Francisco State University with a focus on Arab, World Cinema, and Documentary Film Theory. In 2006, he was selected by The Fulbright Commission as a Fulbright specialist on Middle Eastern cinema, and taught Middle Eastern Cinema at Mount St. Mary’s University in Maryland. Hossam’s writings appeared on daily newspapers such as “ Al-Hayat- an Arab newspaper based in London, and academic periodicals such as Alif- Journal of Comparative Poetics, published by the American University in Cairo, and he was also a researcher on a dozen of documentaries produced exclusively for Al-Jazeera – An Arab Broadcasting Network based in Qatar. Hossam’s other honors include a Fulbright Award in 2002 and an Egyptian state Award of Creativity in 1998. His background of education includes studying with the most prestigious screenwriters and filmmakers from Egypt, including Youssef Chahine, Daoud Abdel Saeed, Mohsen Zaid, and Yousry Nasralla. As a Fulbright Scholar, he also worked intensively with Professor Richard Walter, the Screenplay Chairman at UCLA. As a grad student at SFSU, Hossam studied under the supervision of world renowned film theorist Bill Nichols, and influential scholars like Jenny Lau and Randy Rutsky, and attended classes with internationally acclaimed scholars like Rui Wang. Hossam lectured and presented his work related to film in Egypt, Italy, Greece, Ireland, South Africa, the Netherlands and the U.S., and served as a trainer at the Arhvai International Movie Camp in Turkey (2010). Hossam’s experience includes co-organizing the program of Arab Independent Cinema at the Ismailia International Film Festival in Egypt (2002), and he was also a jury member at Rome Med Film Festival (1998), and Roshd International Film Festival (Tehran 2009).

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