Habacuc Antonio De Rosario



Habacuc Antonio De Rosario is a Mexican writer born in McAllen Texas and bred in the border city of Reynosa, Mexico. He currently resides in Ghent, Belgium. Habacuc studied business at the well-reputed Tec de Monterrey, but soon realized that his calling lies elsewhere. In his early twenties—while completing his degree—he started pursuing his passion for literature, attending various literary workshops and writing novels, essays, short stories and more recently film scripts. In 2014, his novel "Sin Trincheras" won the prestigious Mexico/USA literary prize Premio Binacional de Novela Joven Frontera de Palabras (Binational Prize for Young Novelists Border of Words) and was published by the Tierra Adentro Editorial. The novel was presented in Mexico City in February 2015, at the International Book Fair in Palacio de Mineria. In "Sin Trincheras" ("Without trenches"), Habacuc weaves a portrait of the violent reality lived on the Mexican border with the United States and the impact of narco-violence in the daily lives of the locals. The two distinct voices of his novel—a young sicario on one side and a well-educated fruit store owner on the other—don’t explore the conflict from the point of view of the heads of this gruesome conflict: instead they shed a light on the reality of the ordinary people living in this area where you pay for “protection”, where illegality dazzles with promises of easy money and where you might get caught in a gunshooting at any time of day and night. Where can one take refuge in a war “without trenches”? Habacuc is currently working on his new novel and on two feature films, “La Civil” and “Los Olvidables”, in collaboration with Belgian-Romanian director Teodora Ana Mihai.

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