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Stuck in the suburbs of Helsinki, 20-year-old Markus plans on moving to New York, his sights set on pursuing streetball fame.

Script&Pitch 2007
Main info

Title: Korso
Year: 2014
Directed by: Akseli Tuomivaara
Premiere & awards: Edinburgh International Film Festival 2014, Teen Spirit
Produced by: Bufo - Finland
In co-production with: Tuffi Films - Finland
Country: Finland


20-year-old Markus dreams about becoming a streetball star in New York, but in reality he passes his time playing with his friends and hanging around the Korso suburb. His steady life takes a turn when his little sister Heta brings home her new boyfriend, Jojo, who is originally from Congo. Jojo is a self-assured sixth-former, who laughs at Markus' dream. Markus decides to somehow get the money to go to New York, and finally he puts himself and his friends at stake in order to prove that his dream is everything but stupid.

TFL Project:

Title: Korso

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