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A Respectable Family

Iran today. The destiny of a man, Arash, in the whirlwind of intrigues and family vengeance. A modern "Cain and Abel".

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Title: A Respectable Family
Year: 2012
Directed by: Massoud Bakhshi
Premiere & awards: Cannes International Film Festival 2012, Director's Fortnight
Produced by: Firoozei Films - Iran JBA Production - France
Countries: Iran, France


Arash is an Iranian academic who lives in the West. He returns to Iran to teach in Chiraz, a city far from Tehran where his mother lives. Drawn into a series of domestic and financial dramas, he is reminded of the hardships of his childhood at the start of the Iran-Iraq War in 1981. Following the death of his father and the discovery of what his "respectable family" has become, he is obliged to make choices.

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Title: A Respectable Family

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