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Go Home

Nada is a young woman searching for the truth and discovering herself.

Interchange 2011
Main info

Title: Go Home
Year: 2015
Directed by: Jihane Chouaib
Premiere & awards: Busan International Film Festival 2015, New Currents
Produced by: Paraiso Production - France
In co-production with: Dschoint Ventschr Filmproduktion - Switzerland, Eklektik Productions - Belgium
Countries: France, Switzerland, Belgium


Nada is going home. Or at least she wants to. When she comes back to Lebanon, she realizes she’s a foreigner in her own country. But there’s still a place she calls home: an abandoned house in ruins, haunted by the presence of her grandfather who disappeared mysteriously during the civil war. Something happened in this house. Something violent.

TFL Project:

Title: Breathe

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