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Ali, the Goat, and Ibrahim

In Egypt, the revolution is still on its way... Ali, his goat and Ibrahim embark on a surreal journey looking for hope; but the answers will only come from within.

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Title: Ali, the Goat, and Ibrahim
Year: 2016
Directed by: Sherif El Bendary
Premiere & awards: Dubai International Film Festival 2016, Muhr Feature
Produced by: Transit Films - Egypt Film Clinic - Egypt
Countries: Egypt, United Arab Emirates, France, Qatar


Ali is in love with a goat. Ibrahim is being driven mad by sounds that no one else can hear. After visiting a local healer who decides they are both cursed, they decide to journey across Egypt in an attempt to lift the curses that torment them. Ali, forced by his mother, and Ibrahim forced by desperation form an unlikely friendship in this uplifting tale of self-acceptance.

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Title: Ali, the Goat, and Ibrahim

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