SeriesLab Talents

SeriesLab Talents

A programme for professional scriptwriters coming from all over the world and planning a career in or a co-production with Europe, wanting to boost their experience in drama series writing and training the skills required in a writers’ room.


This programme powered by TorinoFilmLab aims at scouting and training the best emerging talents in drama writing and to give them the chance to gain experience in a professional writers’ room, guided by a high-profile mentor; and to build connections with other international writers and professionals of the European TV industry.


The programme provides the participants, who represent diverse backgrounds and reflect voices that are underrepresented in the European TV industry, with an intensive 5-month training programme, through participating in a simulated writers’ room, which includes three residential workshops of 5 days each and few online sessions in between. During the last workshop, a final networking industry event will be organized at one of the main European TV markets.

The main goal of TFL SeriesLab - Talents is to find interesting new voices who are committed to working professionally in the European TV Industry; to increase diversity in the pipeline of European writers; to create a hub of international writers equipped with the necessary tools to perform in a professional writers’ room, and to introduce them to the market.

The programme is open to 5 international writers.

During the training, the participants will work on a TV series project, chosen by their mentor together with the representatives of TFL Series Lab – Talents. Under the guidance of their tutor, they will go through the process of developing a series concept, including the mini-bible and the pilot script.

The SeriesLab Talents participants will also take part in professional lectures, round tables, and networking events with participants from the TFL SeriesLab programme and other industry professionals and experts.

By the end of the programme, the participants will get the chance to introduce themselves to representatives of the TV Industry, at a networking event.

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