October 17, 2022

TFL FILM PARADE | 7 days, 7 stories on Festival Scope

You may have lost count, but it’s almost 15 years that TorinoFilmLab is around discovering and supporting talents from all over the world. Since next November will mark such an important achievement, we felt the need to properly celebrate it, and what else we could have organised other than a #TFLfilms watch party?

TFL FILM PARADE | 7 days, 7 stories on Festival Scope

For 7 days - from 7th to 13th November 2022 - the TFL Film Parade will share a selection of 7 titles chosen among over 150 films developed within the TFL’s development programmes to represent the multiple souls and voices that TorinoFilmLab fostered and continues to embrace. They will be all available for free on the Festival Scope platform, you only need to create an account and press play. 

To reach a wider audience and to offer further visibility to the TFL films across borders, each title will be available in an average of 10 countries – from Mongolia to Mexico, from Japan to Brazil, Bangladesh and Italy just to mention a few - for up to 500 views.

If you missed their premiere in one of the A-festivals or if you have them on your watchlist on Letterboxd (speaking of which, click here to follow us there too!), it’s time to catch up with:

EL FATHER PLAYS HIMSELF by Mo ScarpelliTFL programme: Audience Design Fund 2020 (third feature film)
Premiere and awards: Visions du Réel 2020 / Special Mention International Feature Film Competition

A father and his son return to the Amazon jungle to shoot a deeply personal film. Fiction and reality clash as the father plays himself.

FEATHERS by Omar El ZohairyTFL programme: Script&Pitch 2016 and FeatureLab 2017 (first feature film)
Premiere and awards: Semaine de la Critique, Cannes 2021 / Nespresso prize

When a father turns into a chicken, his family slowly and painfully becomes free.

THE HEIRESSES by Marcelo MartinessiTFL programme: Script&Pitch 2014 and FeatureLab 2015 / TFL Co-Production Award 2015, € 50,000 (first feature film)
Premiere and awards: Berlinale 2018 / Competition Silver Bear Alfred Bauer, Silver Bear for Best Actress, FIPRESCI Award

The deterioration of the long-term relationship between Chela and Chiquita is magnified by their uncertain financial situation.

THE GUEST by Duccio ChiariniTFL programme: FrameWork 2016, TFL Production Award 2016 € 40,000 (second feature film)
Premiere and awards: Locarno Festival 2018 / "Boccalino d'Oro" for Best Film

From one couch to the next, the misadventures of a man looking for love. Every couple is unhappy in their own way.

MEDUSA by Anita Rocha da SilveiraTFL programme: ScriptLab 2017 (second feature film)
Premiere and awards: Quinzaine des Réalisateurs, Cannes 2021

To keep up the appearance of a perfect woman, Mariana tries hard to control everything around her. Until the day when the urge to scream will be at its strongest.

OUT OF SYNC by Juanjo GiménezTFL programme: FeatureLab 2018 (second feature film)
Premiere and awards: Giornate degli Autori, Venice 2021

A sound designer starts hearing everything too late. Dyssynchrony has become a way of discovering who she really is.

YUNI by Kamila AndiniTFL programme: FeatureLab 2018 (third feature film)
Premiere and awards: Toronto International Film Festival 2021 / Platform Prize

An Indonesian teenage girl realizes that when her dreams get bigger, the world around her gets smaller.

The countdown has begun!

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