May 23, 2022

TFL Italia is officially out there (and TFL Up & Coming Italia 2022 too!)

You may have spotted it already on our home page but, since a formal and public introduction, took place yesterday at the Italian Pavilion in Cannes, we think it’s time to spend a few more words on TorinoFilmLab’s newest section named: TFL Italia.

TFL Italia is officially out there (and TFL Up & Coming Italia 2022 too!)

We felt the need to piece together TorinoFilmLab’s programmes and activities that aim at the internationalisation of the Italian film workers and institutions; with TFL Italia - led by Francesco Giai Via as Head of Studies - we work to match the national film industry with foreign bodies interested in cooperating across the borders.

All the details are included on the dedicated page but, to sum up, we speak to emergent or expert Italian film professionalsItalian institutions and international film industry professionals and institutions.

For 2022 this section will feature two programmes: the second edition of ALPI FILM LAB, our training programme simulating an international co-production between France and Italy and already on the go and TFL UP & COMING ITALIA, now in its third year, which call for applications is open currently open!
We look for emerging Italian producers in teams with the directors who have already obtained national and/or international recognition, taking their first steps into international co-production. The producers must apply with a feature film project (fiction or creative documentary) in the development stage, for which they aim at finding international partners. Up to 6 teams will be selected to participate in an exclusive plan of activities in November. All about it here!

Speaking of November, TFL Italia will culminate at the end of the year with a proper event organised in the frame of Torino Film Industry, a Film Commission Torino Piemonte project that includes and networks the Production Days organised by FCTP itself, the Talents & Short Film Market organised by the National Centre for Short Films and, indeed, TFL Italia organised by TorinoFilmLab.

Stay tuned for more updates! 

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