October 08, 2023

TFL open calls - F/W 2023 & 2024

A new season is approaching, ready to enrich the TFL community with new training experiences, networking opportunities and stories to blossom. Since we wish to provide you with an overview of the opportunities currently available and soon online, let’s make a list.

TFL open calls - F/W 2023 & 2024


Deadline to apply: 6th November 2023
Summing up: Development programme for fiction feature film projects at an early stage of development as well as hub for film professionals interested in being trained as story editors
Dates: From April until November 2024
The class: 16 projects and 5 story editor trainees 
Target: Both experienced and emerging writer/directors, or teams of writer and director, from all over the world.


Deadline to apply: 11th December 2023
Summing up: Dedicated to 1st and 2nd feature films at advanced development stage, it focuses on artistic and creative aspects, as well as production and promotion strategies
Dates: From June until November 2024
The class: 10 projects
Target: Creative teams of director and producer (together with a scriptwriter, if on board) from all over the world.

What’s coming in the near future?

The brand new COMEDYLAB – opening between 24th October and 20th December
ComedyLab is a one-of-a-kind platform, skillfully uniting experienced scriptwriters and talented comedians in a collective effort to unlock the true potential of comedy. This boutique programme boasts tailored consultancies, meticulously crafted to cater to the needs of each project selected. With the guidance of dedicated script tutors, we will collaboratively define the very best production strategies while building a direct link with the industry.

TFL AUDIENCE DESIGN FUND 2024 – opening between 30th October and 23rd January
Distribution support addressed to European producers and sales agents working on internationally co-produced feature films selected to receive a grant of 45,000 € each plus customised sessions with TFL Audience Designers.

GREEN FILM LAB in GREECE – opening  between 8th November and  9th January
Green Film Lab promotes environmentally sustainable practices in audiovisual production and trains on how to apply a green protocol through 3-day workshops held along the year in different European regions in collaboration with film institutions and funds. It is open to film and series industry professionals involved in the pre-production and production stages, funds, film commissions, film institution delegates and sustainability consultants.

SERIESLAB & SERIESLAB TALENTS 2024 – opening between 10th January and  1st March
Nine projects work on the creation of the concept of a TV series, from generating ideas and structuring the material, up to a final pitch in front of major key players. The 5 Talents focus on a story together, in a professional writers’ room.

TFL CO-PRODUCTION FUND 2024 – opening between 15th January and 13th March
Production support for international coproduction of feature films involving European and non-European companies. Two awards of 50,000 € each plus tailormade consultancies will be allocated to the producers.

This news will be updated with further information, including the TFL Next & Extended opportunities for 2024. Stay tuned!




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