November 27, 2023

TFL MEETING EVENT 2023: the awarded projects

After three days filled with excitement, joy and a tiny bit of nerve, after three days filled with pitching sessions on stage and one-to-one meetings with experienced market guests, the ScriptLab & FeatureLab participants celebrated the 16th TFL Meeting Event with an unforgettable awards ceremony. Which prizes have been assigned?

TFL MEETING EVENT 2023: the awarded projects


Among the FeatureLab projects developed over the year, four have been awarded, by our dedicated international Jury, the TFL PRODUCTION AWARDS - for a total of € 180,000:

Milk Teeth
Writer & Director: Mihai Mincan
Producer: Radu Stancu
A road movie about a father and a son who decide to embark on a long journey of acceptance.

The Visitor
Writer & Director: Vytautas Katkus
Co-writer: Marija Kavtaradze
Producer: Marija Razgute
35-year-old Danielius visits his hometown to sell his parents’ flat and say goodbye to his past.

Writer & Director: Chie Hayakawa
Producer: Eiko Mizuno-Gray
A quirky 11-year-old, her dying father and stressed mother thirst for human connections in Tokyo.

The Meltdown*
Writer & Director: Manuela Martelli
Producer: Alejandra García
Winter ‘92. While her parents are away, Inés loses her childhood when her skier friend Hanna disappears.

* Thanks to the support of Creative Europe - MEDIA Programme of the European Union.


As you may guess correctly - since the numerous actions we take, including the ISO10121 sustainability certification for the TFL Meeting Event - we deeply care about the planet and since 2019 we started introducing awards in this direction. The project bringing home the TFL WHITE MIRROR (€ 3,000) - supporting stories that tackle environmental issues, sustainability, or any related changes happening in today’s world – is:

Writer & Director: Domien Huyghe
Co-writer: Wendy Huyghe
A father seeks to reconnect with his activist daughter amid the 90s animal rights movement.

The GREEN FILMING AWARDS (up to a maximum of €4,000 each) are provided by TFL and Trentino Film Commission and they were given to 3 FeatureLab projects willing to make their future film production more sustainable:

A White House
Writer & Director: Francesco Romano
Producer: Raffaella Pontarelli
A woman hosts an important Camorra boss, their encounter will radically change her life.

Writer & Director: Carlos Saiz
Producer: Ana Valls
A road movie about a father and a son who decide to embark on a long journey of acceptance. 

Together with: Milk Teeth.

The TFL Meeting Event is made special by the prestigious collaboration of audiovisual institutions that, year by year, choose to invest and support our stories in their future production or post-production stage.

The EURIMAGES CO-PRODUCTION DEVELOPMENT AWARD - a cash-prize of € 20,000 pushing international co-production on the initial stages of a project and it was attributed to one of the ScriptLab projects:

The Missing Planet
Writer & Director: Marouan Omara
Writer & Director: Tom Rosenberg
An astronomer’s family investigates her disappearance, while a sleeping sickness spreads in Egypt.

Furthermore, the CNC AWARD - a grant of € 8,000 offered by CNC - Centre national du cinéma et de l'image animée - assigned the prize to the ScriptLab title:

Sun in Saturn
Writer & Director: Ary Zara
A journey of holding space for pain, being the best mum, the bravest son, and the fiercest grandpa.

A special mention was also assigned to All the F**king Crows in the World by Tang Yi.

The leading designer and manufacturer of camera and lighting systems, ARRI, supporting the Lab since 2022 has chosen the FeatureLab project for its ARRI AWARD (€ 10,000):

The Beer Girl in Yangon
Writer & Director: Sein Lyan Tun
Producer: John Badalu
Escaping the dark world of a beer station, Lily enters a magical universe to find love and hope.

The ARTEKINO INTERNATIONAL AWARD (€ 6,000), provided by ArteKino, and designed to support the further development of a story went to the ScriptLab title:

Counting Cards with My Father
Writer & Director: Lydia Rui
A misfit teen looks for their poker-playing father with hopes of escaping residential care.

Two of the long-lasting prizes of TFL: the SUB-TI AWARD (offered by Sub-Ti Ltd. - London) providing English, Italian or German subtitles (value up to € 2,000) went to Renoir.

And the SUB-TI ACCESS AWARD (value up to € 5,000) - which promotes accessible content of the film for audiences with sensory disabilities – has been assigned to A White House.

The International Emerging Film Talent Association (IEFTA) designed a prize aiming to foster global inclusivity, recognising diverse narratives and encouraging international cooperation; the IEFTA AWARD (€ 3,000) has been given to the ScriptLab title:

Watch it Burn
Writer & Director: Makbul Mubarak
After a house fire, a newly-divorced single mother is accused of abandoning a stranger who dies.

The EWA Network - supporting female audiovisual professionals – assigned the EWA AWARD (€1,000 plus a free membership to join the network) to one female writer/director coming from the current edition of ScriptLab:

All The F**King Crows in The World
Writer & Director: Tang Yi
Rising to become her town’s academic prodigy, an 18-year-old finds herself trapped in adult politics and unwanted advances.

Finally, the Post-Production Award (€ 10,000 in creative image post-production services at Filmmore, € 10,000 in creative services at Posta sound studio, and a full scholarship to participate in the annual post-production workshop of APostLab) offered by APostLab in collaboration with Filmmore and Posta to a former TFL project:

Writer & Director: Loeloe Hendra
Producer: Yulia Evina Bhara



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