Dominique van Malder



Dominique Van Malder was born, during a heat wave, in the excellent Bordeaux year of 1976. Playing on the radio: the top 30 hit list. Zodiac sign Gemini, he grows up in a workers environment. In 1986 he wins a local playback show as Wham! (all by himself). In 1999, Dominique graduates from the Rits School of Arts as a theatre director. After an internship with Johan Simons, he and some class mates found Bronstig Veulen. Dominique also starts working with Theater Antigone as an actor and director, as well as joining the artistic core. He also starts a youth program there. Ever since graduating, Dominique produces a bi-annual play with psychiatric patients from the Guislain Instituut in Ghent. Together with Joeri Weyn, he shot a documentary about the subject called "De Man Die Zichzelf Voor Don Quichot Hield". In the early noughties, Dominique meets Joris Hessels who quickly becomes his partner in artistic crimes. Together they found Omroep Gaga, an internet radio station aimed at psychiatric patients. Out of this radio station later grows Radio Gaga, a TV show made for Canvas/de Chinezen. Meanwhile, Dominique participates in Studio Orka, an organically grown theater company for little people aged 7 to 107. As a freelancer, he appears in plays for Bronks, Abattoir Fermé, Kopergietery, Theater Aan Zee, Compagnie Cecilia, etc. Occasionally, he takes a trip down the world of TV and movies, sometimes as a voice actor (De Behandeling, Offline, Belgica, De Applausman, Vermist, Flikken, Witse, Het Geslacht De Pauw, Zuid ank, Koning Lou, Planes 2, Angry Birds, Marsupilami, Safety First, De Regel van 3s, De Dag, Het Verborgen Verlangen, ...) It is on one of these sets that he meets Wannes Destoop, who completely drags him into the medium’s world. Dominique likes it there, and he enjoys the filmic narrations of which he is a part. He quickly decides to spend more time with the medium. Putting his theater work on hold for one year, he is now completely focused on writing for Albatros. Dominique lives in Sint-Amandsberg and has one ultimate hero: his son. Other things that keep him going in this life are music, film and theatre.

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