Wannes Destoop



September 2004: Wannes Destoop starts his film training at the School of Arts in Ghent. A couple of years later he graduates with Master's Degree in the Audiovisual Arts.
 One year later, something he never dared to dream, happens: his "Badpakje 46", the student film he made as a graduation assignment, is not only shortlisted for the Cannes Film Festival, it even wins the Jury Prize. Following this unexpected success, the film embarks on a journey around the world, grabbing 13 prizes and 50 international selections. More recently, his latest film "Billy the Bully", took the prize for best short at the Amiens Film Festival. Wannes’ films typically focus on the dramatic value of ‘little’ stories in which human troubles and disappointments lay hidden. Often stuffed with humor.
 Life on the set is not strange to Wannes. He has worked as a casting director, and as extras director on many Flemish films and TV shows. He is also experienced as a freelance director for commercials and music videos. Yet, Wannes’ greatest passion lies in fiction. To bring a story to life from paper. Working with actors. Story telling with images. Sitting in his little room in an attic somewhere, he industriously continues to write for his first feature film "De Heilige Rosita". His first television series "Albatros" was selected for the prestigious SeriesLab by TorinoFilmLab.

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