Mariana Saffon



Mariana Saffon is a Colombian writer and director based between Mexico City and Bogotá. She has directed short films and commercials in Colombia, Morocco, Mexico and the US. She went through her undergraduate studies in Bogotá and then completed her MFA in Film Directing and Screenwriting at Columbia University in New York City in 2019 where she was the recipient of the Milos Forman Directing Fellowship and the Adrienne Shelly Award for Best Female Director. Her latest short film Between You and Milagros (Entre tú y Milagros), won the Orizzonti award for Best Short Film at the 77th Venice International Film Festival in 2020, the Best Short Film Award at the Hamptons Film Festival and the DGA Jury Award for Best Latino Director for the East Coast. The short film garnered more than 80 selections selections around the world, won 17 awards and is now featured in The New Yorker Magazine Screening Room and in Criterion Channel. She is currently writing her first feature, Mar de Leva, which she plans to shoot soon in Colombia.

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