Mauro Andrizzi



Mauro Andrizzi was born in Mar del Plata, Argentina in 1980. He studied scriptwriting and graduated from the ENERC (National Film School), Buenos Aires, in 2001. While a student, he wrote and directed four short films. After obtaining his degree, he also co-wrote a couple of TV shows in Buenos Aires. He also worked for 7 years as a film programmer for Mar del Plata Intl. Film Festival, from 2000 to 2007. His filmography as director started in 2006, when he shot the short film « Color and Pixel » at the Musuem of the History of Art, in Vienna. Then, in 2007 he debuted with a documentary, « Mono», a live-videoclips compilation that portraited a generational renovation in the argentinean musical scene (rock, postrock, punk, electronic). In 2008, after the success of « Mono » among the youth audience, he started his own indie production company, «Mono Films ». His second documentary feature was the 2008-2009 film festivals' hit « Iraqi Short Films », a long term investigation of the propaganda (amateur videos shot with mobile phones) generated by all the forces implicated in the Iraq conflict : the private security contractors, the US-led ocuppation army and the militias resisting the invasion. « Iraqi Short Films » was screened everywhere, from Centre Pompidou in Paris to MoMA in NY or Jonas Mekas’ Anthology Film Archives, and in more than 60 film festivals, like Bafici, FID Marseille, Gijón, CPH.DOX, Teheran, Valdivia, Punto de Vista, San Francisco, among others. While still enjoying the golden path of « Iraqi Short Films », he has filmed « En el Futuro / In the Future ». It was world premiered at Venice Film Festival (Orizzonti) in September, 2010, and was screened all over the world. In 2011, he world premiered his new piece, « Accidentes Gloriosos / Glorious Accidents » in Venice’s Orizzonti section, and won the official award for middle length films, that was granted by a jury chaired by Jia Zhangke. «Accidentes Gloriosos» is a coproduction between Sweden, Denmark and Argentina, and is a initiative of CPH.DOX’s film development programme « DOX.LAB ». 2012 – “Death of a Reptilian” / Live performance (shortfilm) satellite-broadcast from Argentina to Denmark (via Danish national TV) for the opening ceremony of Aarhus Festuge, biggest Arts festival in Denmark. The look of the performance was some kind of tribute to David Cronenberg's Videodrome. We broadcast a fake suicide on camera. The setting was quite unrealistic, but the actual suicide looked realistic enough to impress the unawared audience. Length: 7 mins. (of live satellite transmission). And David Byrne played right after the performance! 2012 – “Evolution”/ Short film made in response to an invitation by famed artist Olafur Eliasson to create a film about light and energy. Sponsored by Tate Modern (London), and produced by Tine Fischer (Denmark). The short film was premiered in an exhibiton at Tate Modern in July 2012. Was exhibited with shorts from different artists also invited to be part of the macro-project curated by Mr. Eliasson. Take a look to the macro project here:  2014 – « Empire Rises» 28mins short film, experimenting in the streets of Shanghai, China. Trace for the Swatch Peace Hotel, Shanghai. 2016 – “Una novia de Shanghai / A Shanghai Bride” // 80mins // feature film, shot in Shanghai, China while staying at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel as artist in residence. Two slackers that struggle to survive in the streets of modern China will face many problems when they are hired by a ghost to take a coffin, stolen from the local cemetery, across the big city of Shanghai in order to reunite a couple of lovers in the afterlife. 2017 - "Cairo Affaire" // short film / 30mins aprox // in post-production // made with a grant from Argentina's National Fund for the Arts (FNA)

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