Jenifer Malmqvist



Jenifer Malmqvist is from the south of Sweden. Following advanced level studies of Sociology, Art History, Philosophy and Music, she fell in love with the art and craft of film making and decided to become a director. In 2009 she completed a Bachelor’s degree of Film Directing at The Polish National Film School in Lodz. She has written and directed several award winning short films, both documentaries and fictions, which have been described as realism mixed with the absurdism and surrealism of everyday life. Peace Talk, 13 Years and 10 Months, At The End of The Street and Birthday have been screened around the globe, two of them at The Sundance Film Festival (Peace Talk in 2007 and Birthday in 2010). From 2010 until present she has been part of Tangram Film. In 2009 Jenifer was awarded the Bo Widerberg scholarship founded in memory of the famous Swedish film director.

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