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ScriptLab 2011

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Our vision is to develop people with projects, supporting independent creative talent.

TFL Catalogue 2011
About Script&Pitch

Script&Pitch is an advanced script development course for scriptwriters and story editors from all over the world, realized thanks to the support of MEDIA and MEDIA International.

The joint programme lasts 11 months and we will select 20 participants from all over the world (16 scriptwriters and 4 story editor trainees) who will follow the whole scriptwriting process, from the generating of ideas and structuring of the material through a first and second draft up to a final pitch in front of over 100 international producers and sales agents.

We offer education through the development of projects. A primary aim is to advance writers' and story editors' professional skills. A second aim is to create a vibrant network for our participants and we therefore connect Script&Pitch with festivals and industry-events, seeking producers who are interested in writers and development, not just in single projects. Our vision is to develop people with projects, supporting independent creative talent.

Who can apply?

This is a post-graduate course open to professional scriptwriters, story editors and film school graduates, writer-directors, writer-producers and development executives from all over the world. Fiction writers and playwrights can also participate, for example with an adaptation project. Most of our participants already have a production company interested in their project and look for development training to enhance both the universality and personal voice of the project, yet it is no requirement to have a producer attached.

In order to be eligible for the TorinoFilmLab Development participants must have a first- or second-time director for their film. However, it is possible for writers who are not at their first or second feature film to participate to Script&Pitch.

Workshop Dates

1st residential workshop: Helsingborg - Sweden, March 2011
1st on-line session: April-June 2011
2nd residential workshop: Brignogan - France, June 2011
2nd on-line session: June-November 2011
3rd residential workshop and final pitching: Turin - Italy, November 2011
Alumni meeting: Angers, January 2012

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