Kenneth Mercken



Kenneth Mercken was a national amateur cycling champion in 2000. On his way to becoming a professional cyclist, he discovered that his body was not responding to the usual performance-enhancing drugs. The only way to achieve his goal would have meant taking life-threatening risks. Disillusioned with the sport, he decided to quit cycling and on a whim, enrolled in a film school. Still, after two years he realized he was heartbroken over quitting, and when offered a one-year professional contract, he did not hesitate. The stress of having to prove himself in such a short period without the aid of illegal substances, took its toll and he became ill. Only when his old dream was definitively shattered, he was able to fully see and pursue his newly found passion in film. In 2011 he graduated from the Brussels film academy RITS with The Letter. It won him the VAF Wildcard (production funds for a new project) and was screened in many international festivals. His first feature project Coureur was selected for the Binger Writers Lab 2012 and Torino Filmlab Script&Pitch 2013. Kenneth is also working as a freelance journalist.

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