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ScriptLab 2013

Call for applications closed!

Script&Pitch is open to professional scriptwriters, writer-directors, as well as to writer-producers and development executives.

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About Script&Pitch

Every year TorinoFilmLab offers Script&Pitch, an advanced script development course for scriptwriters and directors of feature films from all over the world. The programme is realized in partnership with Le Groupe Ouest and NISI MASA.

Open to 16 projects, the course lasts 9 months, from March to November 2013, and foresees 3 residential workshops and 2 on-line sessions. It follows the entire scriptwriting process, offering close collaboration and insights into the challenges of each step, from generating ideas and structuring the material through first and second drafts, up to a final pitch in front of film professionals (producers, distributors, etc.) who will be invited to the Meeting Event in November 2013, during the Torino Film Festival.

The Script&Pitch projects will have the exclusive possibility to apply to the TorinoFilmLab FrameWork programme in 2014, provided they fulfil the conditions of eligibility (having a first- or second-time director and a producer attached; the first day of shooting must be scheduled after November 2014).

TorinoFilmLab also offers two accompanying actions, which are integral parts of the Script&Pitch programme:

the Story Editor action, open to 4 people, will give story editors, producers and development professionals an opportunity to work closely with the tutors and projects, gaining hands-on insights into the script development process

the Audience Design action, open to 3 people, will focus on the aspects of creating audience awareness and engagement strategies. This need is rapidly increasing and our programme aims at being at the forefront of this evolution. A specific call will be launched on January 14th, 2013 (deadline: March 15th, 2013).

Who can apply?

Script&Pitch is open to professional scriptwriters, writer-directors, as well as to writer-producers and development executives. Many of our participants already have a production company interested in their project and are looking for development training to enhance both the universality and personal voice of the project. However, it is not necessary to have a producer attached to the project.

Applicants must confirm their availability for all the workshops and the final Meeting Event.

The working language of all Script&Pitch workshops, meetings and events is English; thus, a good knowledge of English is essential in order to participate.

The selected projects of Script&Pitch must indicate TorinoFilmLab support both in the opening and closing credits, by displaying the TorinoFilmLab Logo and the caption "Supported by TorinoFilmLab".

Workshop Dates

1st residential workshop: 11-17 March 2013 (Cracow, Poland)
2nd residential workshop: 16-22 June 2013 (Brignogan, France)
3rd residential workshop and Meeting Event: 22-28 November 2013 (Turin, Italy)

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