Pengfei Song



Pengfei Song was born on December 29th 1982, in a family of Peking Opera performers in Beijing. Under the influence of his family, he developed a strong passion for the arts. After graduating from high school, he went to Paris to study film at L’Institute International Image et du Son and majored in film directing. After 7 years of immersion in European culture, which transformed his personality and views on life, he returned to China and was able to see the people and things in China in an exciting new perspective, which resulted in his choice of subject for this film, in the hope of reflecting the changing lives of the people of Beijing, as well as the absurdity of their way of life through this film. He has directed 3 short films. Underground Fragrance is his first feature film and the project was selected by PPP Pusan International film festival in 2010 and was at Cinemart in Rotterdam 2011.  

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