Ilke Yesilay



Born in Istanbul in 1980, Ilke Yesilay studied Philosophy and Cinema-TV at Istanbul University. Following the graduation, she wrote film and TV critics for cinema magazines. In 2008 she went to New York and undertook screenwriting classes at Tisch School of New York University. She studied drama, including method acting, theater history and dramatic writing classes, at Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute for a year. In 2009 she went back to Turkey and began writing for TV series. In 2010 she attended “Meetings on the Bridge” Feature Film Development Workshop with her Project The Last Sleepless and was honoured by the Jury with a special mention. In 2010 she attended Thessaloniki Film Festival, and got the Balkan Fund for Restless Forever. In the meantime, Ilke keeps working on the development of her first feature film and also writes for various tv&web series projects.  

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