Gilles De Schryver



Gilles De Schryver (°84) is a Belgian film-, TV- and theater -actor, -writer –director and –producer. De Schryver is the artistic director of the structurally subventioned Ghent-based theater company ‘het KIP’. In the shows of ‘het KIP’ he can be seen in- and outside of Europe in Dutch, in English as well as in French. De Schryver produces film and television for the Belgian national channels and filmfunds through his production company ‘De Wereldvrede’ (literally translated : ‘The World Peace’), of which he is managing partner. De Schryver is primarily known by larger audiences for his performances in both internationally successful TV-series "Code 37" and feature film "Hasta La Vista (Come as you are)". Before developing his own work, De Schryver was seen in theatershows by Luc Perceval, Koen De Sutter and Piet Arfeuille as well as in filmproductions by Jakob Verbruggen, Tim Mielants, Nic Balthazar and Geoffrey Enthoven.

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